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Are you a nature lover? Then perhaps a day of fishing would be just what the doctor ordered for you. Experience the breathtaking and variety-filled countryside of Obertauern at one of our numerous fishing spots.

Fishing in Obertauern

From the Hundsfeldsee to the Taurach to Johannes Waterfall – an excursion through pristine countryside. Fishing in the Hundsfeldmoor, a highly protected nature sanctuary, offers as much enjoyment and variety as casting your rod in the flowing waters of the Taurachbach.

Fishing permits are available from Obertauern Tourist Office (Tel.: +43 6456 7252) and Untertauern Village Hall (Tel.: +43 6455 800). On weekends also at the Twengerhof (Tel.: +43 664 180 65 09).

Price € 17/day

Yet another angling highlight

  • "Fürstenbrunn" fishing pond in Untertauern
    Fishing and boat rentals
    Contact: Kohlmayr Family,
    +43 (0)6455 / 238

  • Motorbiking

    Obertauern is a wonderful base for motorbike tours.

    Experience the pure freedom of a ride along the Nockalmstrasse, the Grossglockner High-Alpine Road or over Sölk Pass, to name but a few of the highlights awaiting you in the area.

    Deep-Lake Diving


    Looking for adventure? If so, diving is definitely for you. With professional diving instructors, you have a unique opportunity to explore the underwater worlds of Austria's mountain lakes.

    In the depths of our domestic waters, fantastic worlds filled with untouched natural wonders reveal themselves before you.

    Bernhard Mader
    +43 (0)664 /18 06 509