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Photo Exhibition 100 Years of Winter Sports

Obertauern presents to visitors a unique photo exhibition entitled "100 Years of Winter Sports in Obertauern". Fascinating impressions, from the once difficult-to-navigate Tauern Pass to the flourishing of a winter sports destination of international renown.

Free admission.

Monday through Friday 8 to 12:30 and 1 to 4:30, closed Sundays and holidays.
(during the summer holidays, also open weekends from 9 to 4).

Wildlife and Fun Park

Untertauern's wildlife park covers some 6 hectares of land. In a setting true to their native habitat, the park serves as home to some 40 wild animals roaming in an open enclosure.

At the entrance to the wildlife park, you will find the always popular Kids' Adventure Land with swings, a fort on stilts and a slide. In addition, the littlest kids have an opportunity to pet and even feed a number of different animals including rabbits, hens and goats.

If you are a little bit tired from all that play, you can actually explore the wildlife park from aboard the Funpark Express. And after a fun, exciting and also educational day, you can look forward to taking a refreshing dip in the newly created swimming pond.

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