Lifts, Slopes and Runs - Info platform for your winter vacation in Obertauern


Lifts, Hills & Runs

In Obertauern, large yellow signs show you the way through the ski area. At every turn-off point, the nearest lifts and the route of each hill are clearly posted on the signs. There are poles with round discs along the edge of each hill. The color of these discs indicates the difficulty level of the slopes in question.

 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Blue disc = beginner - 61 km
 tl_files/bilder/ro.gif Red disc = intermediate - 35 km
 tl_files/bilder/sch.gif Black disc = expert - 4 km

Daytime Parking

 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Kehrkopf - Schrotteralm: cars
 tl_files/bilder/p2.gif Zehnerkar: Big parking area for buses + cars
 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Grünwaldkopf: cars
 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Sonnenlifts: cars
 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Gamsleiten: cars
 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Plattenkar: cars
 tl_files/bilder/p1.gif Schaidberg: Big parking area for buses + cars

BAN ON NIGHT PARKING from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.. No night parking is available for RV's in Obertauern! The closest night parking is on the campgrounds in Radstadt and Mauterndorf.

ca. 24.000 m2 of parking area is available for the cars of our daytime visitors.