Snowboarding - Info platform for your winter vacation in Obertauern



A special meeting point for members of the boarder scene is the quad chair lift on the Kehrkopf, where an attractive FUN PARK was created for all of our snowboard fans.

The Longplay Park sets snowboarders' pulses racing in anticipation. No wonder, there's something there for everyone:

  • 3 kickers (small 6 m, medium 10 m, big 14 m)
  • 2 easy rollers (4 m)1 corner (20x6 m)
  • 1 wallride slanted coping (4x3 m)
  • Straight rails  (9 m, 8 m, 6 m, 5 m, 2x4 m)
  • Rainbow rails (6 m)
  • Straight boxes (9 m, 2x4 m, 2x3 m)
  • Kinked box (6m )
  • Double kinked box (9 m)
  • Curved box (6 m)
  • A-Frame Powerade box (11 m)
  • Quarter pipe (easy but nice!!!)
  • Tree stump (2x)

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